To provide you, our customer a one-stop interior design, curtaining, décor and event planning and management facility, ensuring quality home, office, corporate and hospitality décor, and a rewarding service experience to all parties involved, at affordable prices. We believe that our valued customer should get the best possible deal between pricing, quality of workmanship, and an end product that is well balanced and which consists of all the above mentioned, to ensure customer satisfaction, and long lasting customer relationships.



  • We take great care in understanding our customer’s needs, and take responsibility for getting work done in time.
  • We create value by ensuring that all employees are well trained and deliver the same standard of work in all units, so as to maintain the high standards of the business at all levels.
  • We take initiative, and will look for tailor-made solutions to assist our customers in the best way we can.
  • We act with integrity, and believe that our word is our honour.
  • We embrace diversity, and respect each other’s differences such as cultural, décor and taste preferences.
  • We are exceptionally passionate about what we do, and truly speaking: We love what we do, and do what we love. There is a special energy released when things are done passionately, with great enthusiasm and the right attitude.
  • We are focused as a team to provide our customers with only the best quality workmanship and value for money.
  • All work and products are guaranteed.
  • Our work processes will be explained to customers, and we give regular updates on all work in progress via sms messages, telephone or e-mail.